FedEx Survey- FedEx Courier Service Customer Experience Survey

This article is about FedEx Survey, a survey that has been released by FedEx to find out how satisfied their customers are with their service. The survey is available as a web-based form at, as an app on the Apple iTunes Store, and as a QR code in an email signature.

About FedEx

FedEx is one of the world’s largest companies, currently handling over 3.2 million packages and millions of shipments each day. They have been known to use their own unique tracking system called FedEx Express, which allows them to send out packages with a much faster turnaround time.

FedEx Courier Service

The FedEx courier service, which includes the FedEx Express, FedEx Home Delivery, and FedEx Ground programs as well as courier services dedicated to specific verticals such as electronics and pharmaceuticals is available in more than 220 countries.

The FedEx service offers customers a variety of delivery options with one day, ground or overnight options and same-day deliveries for a fee.

FedEx Survey @

FedEx Survey

The FedEx Survey at is a survey that can be found on the home page. It’s a voluntary survey that helps the company to better understand its customer experience.

The survey is asked of customers who have recently visited one of their locations and asks questions about their satisfaction with the FedEx service they received.

No personal information is collected, meaning your privacy is protected by law and you aren’t required to have an account to take the survey.

FedEx Survey Requirements

FedEx surveys are required for FedEx courier service. FedEx is looking to find out what its customers like with respect to the company’s products, services, or policies.

In order to complete a survey, it’s important that you’re registered with FedEx.

They want to make sure you don’t get your survey cancelled if you forget to login with your account within 24 hours of completing the survey.

How to take Survey?

FedEx Listens Survey

To take the survey, you must be a FedEx customer who agrees to participate in the survey by completing it and hitting submit.

The survey is 100% confidential and will not affect your service or account in any way so don’t worry about your privacy being compromised on this end.

Benefits of Completing FedEx Survey

There are many benefits to completing the FedEx survey. It is a great way to stay in touch with what other customers think of FedEx and learn how you can improve your business.

The survey provides valuable information that helps FedEx to understand what issues are important, so they can make improvements for their customers and better their service.

FedEx Survey Prize

The FedEx Survey Prize is a $1000 reward that can be claimed by filling out the FedEx Survey. The survey consists of six questions and is open to anyone who has received a FedEx shipment in the last month.

By completing the survey, you will be automatically entered into a draw to win this prize.

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FAQs FedEx Survey

There are many online surveys available to take. Some of these questions include how long the customer has been a customer, their experience with services from FedEx, and what their expectations of FedEx are.

This information is used by FedEx to make changes in their service as well as future marketing plans.


FedEx is in business to provide customers with reliable and fast shipping options.

To ensure the best possible service, FedEx conducts surveys at their warehouses and customer service centers to measure how satisfied or unsatisfied customers are.

The company also tests various marketing strategies to see what drives satisfaction for their customers.


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Every Feedback Matters

Your opinion is very important to us, we take it seriously. It will help us to improve our service quality, as a good customer, we hope you will provide honest feedback.

Once you complete this customer satisfaction survey, you will be provided with a free gift coupon code as a token of appreciation. Be ready and click the button below to start the survey.