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With more than 8,000 stores and counting, Walgreens is a huge pharmacy chain. They are one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States and operate more than 1,200 drugstores. In this article, you’ll learn how to enter a Walgreens Survey or Walgreens Listens Survey(www.walgreenslistens.com) and win either a $3,000 gift card or a $30 coupon for your next purchase.

The Walgreens Listens Survey

This week, Walgreens launched its Walgreens Listens survey to gauge consumer opinions of the retail giant’s products. The survey includes a list of questions that cover topics such as shopping experience, opinion on Walgreens product lines, and store layout, among others. The results will be used in future marketing efforts.

Requirements for Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey

To participate in the Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey, simply go to the new survey form on their website. You’ll need to have a valid email address, so make sure that you’re connected with your Walgreens account. You can also click on the links provided and print out the survey as many times as you’d like.

Rules  for WalgreensListens Survey

Walgreens Listens Survey

WalgreensListens was created to provide a space where shoppers could leave feedback on Walgreens products.

To enter the survey sweepstakes, participants must complete the questionnaire and enter their postal code.

The age must be 18 or above and they must be an active Walgreens Customer.

If you have feedback on the WalgreensListens Survey, you can submit your opinion by going to https://www.walgreenlistens.com.

Submit WalgreensListens Survey Online

WalgreensListens is a customer feedback survey that was launched in September 2015 by Walgreens. The goal of the survey is to provide a way for Walgreens customers to voice their opinions on the company, while also making it easier to identify and address customer concerns.

You can follow these steps to submit the Walgreens Survey Online:

Step 1: You need to first visit the official website www.walgreenlistens.com.
Step 2: Select your language and enter the Walgreens survey code from the purchase receipt.
Step 3: Fill in the information asked, and proceed with the survey.
Step 4: Give all the Survey answers honestly and checkout once done.

Once the survey is submitted, you will receive an email.

If you are selected in the Walgreens $3000 survey rewards list, you will be informed at your registered mail.

WalgreensListens Survey on phone

The WalgreensListens survey on phone was conducted to measure how Walgreens customers feel about their experience with the company. You can call 18002197451 and submit your Walgreens survey via phone.

The survey asked many questions about the customer’s satisfaction with Walgreens and the level of trust in it. One interesting question asked people how they would rate their trust in Walgreens in general, compared to other retailers like Walmart, Target, and CVS.

WalgreensListens Survey via Mail

Walgreens Listens Survey

One of the many benefits of the WalgreensListens survey is that it is delivered via mail so you will never miss a chance to be involved in a survey.

As an added bonus, it can be customized based on your location, and even if you are not in the target audience, there are still plenty of opportunities to contribute.

You can submit the Walgreens survey via mail at: Dept-S7592 P.O. Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.


After the release of this survey, Walgreens has made positive changes to its products and services. They are now in direct contact with people they have served and they have learned that they need to improve customer service by listening to what customers have said.

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FAQs-Walgreens Listens Survey

Q1. How do I enter the Walgreens Listens Survey?

To enter the Walgreens Listens Survey, you’ll need to visit the survey address. There are many opportunities to win great prizes, including a $1,000 reward for those who participate.

Q2. What are the benefits of participating in the Walgreens Listens survey?

A Walgreens Listens survey is a confidential, short-term online survey that helps the company gather feedback from consumers. By participating in a Walgreens Listens survey, consumers are helping to inform the company on what they find important and how they would like to be served. To ensure an accurate result, not all participants will receive a response from Walgreens.

Q3. What are the rules for entry into the Walgreens Listens survey?

Walgreens asks questions to get feedback on the store environment and customer service. Team members are urged to enter the survey, which gives their insights into what has been successful and what needs work in their store. In order to share their thoughts, customers must answer a few simple questions about themselves and be willing to provide feedback for the store.

Q4. Is it possible to win a $3000 gift card from this survey?

This blog post discusses the potential of winning the $3000 gift card from the survey Walgreens conducted. Readers are told that they are given a chance to win by responding to the survey and telling why they would want to redeem their gift card. The blog mentions that this is not a contest, but rather just a way for Walgreens to give back to their customers.

Q5. Walgreens Listens Survey Results- Winners List

To ensure the accuracy of the results in the survey, Walgreens takes 7-10 days to release its results to you.

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Every Feedback Matters

Your opinion is very important to us, we take it seriously. It will help us to improve our service quality, as a good customer, we hope you will provide honest feedback.

Once you complete this customer satisfaction survey, you will be provided with a free gift coupon code as a token of appreciation. Be ready and click the button below to start the survey.